Classroom Procedures

At Key School, we believe academic growth is the result of a strong emphasis on education basics, a well rounded curriculum, and appropriate academic challenges. Our routine classroom procedures provide a consistent, structured system to facilitate learning.

The following procedures are followed in every class and are not individual modifications for learning:

  • Students are afforded as much time as needed to take a daily quiz, test, or final examination.
  • Teachers give directions in both oral and written form.
  • Students practice organizational skills in all classes.
  • Each student is issued a Key School organizer to bring to every class.
  • Homework assignments are written in the organizer and initialed by the subject teacher. This simplifies the end-of-day decision making process so students choose the correct notebooks and textbooks for home study.
  • Students learn and use Key School’s coding system for marking novels and textbooks to help them comprehend what they have read. The coding system also provides a reliable way to find facts for book reports, test preparation and essay writing.



Orton-Gillingham Method

Key School is perhaps best known for its approach to reading instruction. Our reading classes are taught by Certified Academic Language Therapists who have received extensive training in the Orton-Gillingham method.

This phonics-based approach to reading teaches the basics of word formation before taking on the word’s full meaning. Experts often recommend this method to students who are dyslexic or have been diagnosed with reading or language based learning differences.

Dress Code

Key School adheres to a mandatory dress code across all levels. This allows our students to focus solely on academics and teaches them to convey themselves in a businesslike manner. Dress codes encourage students to express their individuality through personality, not outward appearance.

Mills Uniform Company is Key School’s exclusive uniform supplier.  Mills has served the country’s leading schools since 1947 and is committed to delivering exceptional products and service to our families.

Mills has a local store at:

Mills Uniform Company
5460 E. Loop 820 S.
Ft. Worth, TX 76119
(817) 563- 7100
Retail Manager:  Sherri Klassen

Uniforms are also available for purchase online through the Key School webstore at  Parents can visit the webstore anytime to review the approved uniform guidelines on the Uniform Program Listing and learn more about Mills.  Our school code is 3373.

Mills Uniform Company Customer Service can be reached through or toll-free at 800-541-1850.

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