Schedule a Meeting

The enrollment process at Key School
includes four steps:

  1. 1. Interview

  2. First you will need to schedule an appointment with our school director, Kerri Benson. During this appointment, you will discuss your child’s learning needs, academic strengths and other areas that may require remediation. We also ask that you bring any of your child’s prior testing to be reviewed.

  3. 2. Visitation

  4. A three day visitation is scheduled to allow time for math, composition, reading, English, and computer inventories, as well as a faculty assessment. This also enables your child to become acclimated to the school environment and for class placements to be determined.

  5. 3. Assessment

  6. Following the visitation, a second appointment is scheduled to review your child’s current academic standing and assess whether Key School is an appropriate placement.

  7. 4. Unlock Your Child's Potential

  8. Enrolling your child into Key School starts their journey towards confidence and academic success.