Dyslexia Awareness Week Day 5

Successful and Famous People with Dyslexia There are many successful and famous people with dyslexia. These individuals made a difference because of their difference. Their stories are inspiring. Some you may have heard of but some may be new. Most likely you will find someone on this list that will surprise you. Did you know… View Article

Dyslexia Awareness Week Day 4

Did you know over 50% of NASA employees have dyslexia. They are chosen for their superior problem-solving and spatial awareness skills, among others. One such NASA employee was Dr. David McComas. From an article in Dyslexic Advantage, they had this to say about him: “Dave has had a remarkable journey from being dubbed “slow” as… View Article

Dyslexia Awareness Week Day 3

Things Kids with Dyslexia Wish Everyone Knew “We need to work in a different way, not in a harder way.” “Being dyslexic doesn’t mean we aren’t really smart!” “I need you to speak more slowly when you give instructions.” “Learning to read when you have dyslexia is like hitting a brick wall over and over…. View Article

Dyslexia Awareness Week Day 2

Facts about Dyslexic Strengths What are you really good at? Kids with dyslexia have strengths that help them choose their career path. From mental strengths to personality strengths, it’s just a matter of figuring out what their strengths are and using those to their advantage. For instance, many kids with dyslexia have an amazing understanding of mechanics, electronics or… View Article

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Key School is recognizing Dyslexia Awareness Month, October 2nd-6th! A fact about dyslexia will be posted each day. As the culminating activity on October 5th, all students and faculty are invited to wear red, the universal color for dyslexia awareness. We are excited to provide awareness to dyslexia and other learning differences. Check back each… View Article