9 Month Term

The typical Key School student is of average or above average intelligence and suffers from one or more learning differences. Key School’s Nine Month Term is a full, rigorous academic program with an emphasis on individual progression. Our average 4:1 student/teacher ratio gives our students the educational advantage needed to reach, and in some cases exceed, their academic goals.

We make a strong effort to keep each class both practical and stimulating. Our instructors teach in a multi-sensory format strategically designed to ensure the greatest potential for learning. Concepts are built by first reinforcing students’ present skills and then, once confidence is gained, introducing new ones.

Study skills and organization, which are fundamental to the program, are taught and included at all levels. As basic academic skills are mastered and educational deficiencies are minimized, the student’s academic focus is directed into a comfortable transition to a traditional school setting.

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Read our Parent & Student Guidelines 2018-2019 for more information on Key School procedures.

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Literature classes at Key School cater to each student’s reading proficiency. Novels are selected for students based on their level of thinking and maturity. Beginners are assigned high interest/low vocabulary books or abridged versions. For proficient readers, selections are chosen to introduce students to a major novelist, a particular genre of literature, or to read for a specific purpose.

For the literature segment of English, our goals include:

  • To enhance students’ general knowledge
  • To provide experience with various genres
  • To introduce a variety of authors and writing styles
  • To increase students’ insight into life
  • To promote excitement about reading

Students are responsible for coding their book, writing chapter summaries, taking daily quizzes, and using the novel as a basis for a composition assignment. In addition to the basic literature program, each year at least one piece of classical literature is read aloud to the students while they code and take margin notes. This classic novel is the catalyst for literature based writing, vocabulary, and study of current events.