9 Month Term

The typical Key School student is of average or above average intelligence and suffers from one or more learning differences. Key School’s Nine Month Term is a full, rigorous academic program with an emphasis on individual progression. Our average 4:1 student/teacher ratio gives our students the educational advantage needed to reach, and in some cases exceed, their academic goals.

We make a strong effort to keep each class both practical and stimulating. Our instructors teach in a multi-sensory format strategically designed to ensure the greatest potential for learning. Concepts are built by first reinforcing students’ present skills and then, once confidence is gained, introducing new ones.

Study skills and organization, which are fundamental to the program, are taught and included at all levels. As basic academic skills are mastered and educational deficiencies are minimized, the student’s academic focus is directed into a comfortable transition to a traditional school setting.

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Read our Parent & Student Guidelines 2017-2018 for more information on Key School procedures.

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All of the students at Key School need keyboarding and computer skills. We add our technology class as an elective as soon as it fits in their academic schedules. Keyboarding is taught using the Mayetta Davis approach to touch typing. This approach utilizes a neurological impress method in which a student looks, hears, speaks, moves, and types, thus coordinating use of various sense modalities. The tasks are broken down into basic segments, which are mastered before going on to the next step. Horizontal and diagonal reaches are presented in logical order.

Computers are used in the computer lab and in the composition classrooms. Students are taught basic word processing skills that allow them to apply the features of a word processing program. Typed rough drafts are required for all composition assignments, providing students with ample opportunity to use their word processing skills. Documents such as term themes, speeches, and letters are typed and edited on a daily basis by the students. This allows students to develop proficiency typing documents that are professional in appearance.

The business computer application classes are small and individualized to each student’s ability and expertise. In computer lab, a hands-on approach is used to guide the students to apply concepts and skills related to word processing. Students work at the computer as they learn about databases, spreadsheets, and communications, as well as the functions of the components of the computer system. They must understand the necessary procedures and recognize the importance of merging data processing and word processing. Labs are designed to allow the student to solve problems that utilize word processing skills. Then they apply higher level capabilities of word processing tools and software to the computer assignments.

Since the technology classes can be incorporated into the controlled curriculum of Key School, it becomes an efficient method of communication for those students who have difficulty putting their thoughts on paper as well as providing an efficient tool for composition.