Bud Force

In my business, or any business for that matter, organization is key. Most of my organizational principals I still use today are based off of what I learned at Key School. The education I received at Key School has helped me vastly in both my personal and professional life.

Bud Force

professional photographer, filmmaker, and former key school student
The structure of the Key School classroom assures that nothing interferes with learning and actually provides a very safe environment for all who are there. Key School will actually remediate a learning problem and teach the student coping skills to enhance their particular learning abilities. That can change the entire course of their life.

Betsy Griffith

Former Key School Vice-President
The method is proven to teach children who learn differently. The children enjoy the curriculum and learn.

Jill Claridge, Ph. D.

Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician
Sometimes Key School is for a season of your life, and sometimes Key School is forever. It just depends on the child. But regardless of how long you’ve been there—a summer, a semester, a year, forever—everybody’s lives are changed by the Key School experience.
It’s a heavenly place.

Theresa and Steve Greig

Parents of Four Key School Students
Customized scheduling allows kids to be in needed classes that remediate, while at the same time taking other classes at grade level or above where they have gifts that can flourish. The impact of a positive learning environment with proven learning methods is tremendous.

Sam Smart

father of melissa, a former key school student